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Marina Gan
Marina Gan completed her 200 hour teacher training with Kim Manfredi in 2006. She approaches the yoga practice as a way of experiencing, learning from, and living fully and joyfully in the body. Marina is also a licensed acupuncturist. She integrates her yoga practice with her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, helping her to achieve a deeper understanding of the body, mind, and spirit and of how to use the medicine as well as yoga practice to live in alignment with nature and individual purpose. As a teacher Marina is mindful of each student, therefore each class is unique in that it reflects the needs and skill levels of those present. Dialogue focuses on details about alignment, encouragement to remain aware and attuned to the breath and present to the body, as well as an introduction to the spiritual aspects of the yoga practice.
Andriana Pateris
Andriana Pateris strives to challenge and inspire her students with both the physical asana practice as well as introducing students to all aspects of the yogic traditions, including dynamic breath techniques and philosophy. She teaches with a strong emphasis on body alignment and awareness. Andriana has studied extensively both the Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga traditions. She has practiced in the US with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India, founder of the Ashtanga tradition of yoga, as well as Senior Ashtanga teachers Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Richard Freeman, Kino MacGregor, and David Swenson, as well as Senior Iyengar teachers John Schumacher and Barabara Benagh and also Stan Andrzejewski. She completed her 200 hr teacher training with Kim Manfredi of Charm City Yoga. She is also a licensed Physical Therapy Asst.
Camille Moses-Allen
Since 2006, Camille Moses-Allen has been teaching yoga in and around Baltimore, MD – having completed both the 200- and 500-hour yoga teacher training programs with Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga. Camille conveys an energetic, light-hearted,and powerful approach to vinyasa yoga, infusing her classes with upbeat music and including lots of twists, inversions, and balancing poses.Camille rewards her students for showing up on the mat, which she considers the most important part of the yoga practice, and challenges them to move beyond their comfort zones and to break habitual patterns. Camille’s love of yoga stems from her days of dance and gymnastics, and she is mindful to remain playful with many of the movements.
Beyond the yoga studio, Camille has led international yoga retreats in Costa Rica; brought yoga to school children; introduced yoga to couples, corporate America, and military personnel; offered workshops on yin yoga; and helped shape the next generation of yoga instructors through her leadership with Charm City Yoga’s 200- and 500-hour teacher training programs. Ever the yoga student herself, Camille has furthered her practice over the years when studying with Sharon Gannon, David Life, Baron Baptiste, Dharma Mittra, Ana Forrest, Rodney and Colleen Yee, David Swenson, Seane Corn, Cyndi Lee, Kimberly Wilson, Kathryn Budig, and Sarah Powers.
Camille is recognized as one of the city’s leading yoga teachers and has been interviewed on WBFF Fox 45 News; featured in the Baltimore City Paper, the Baltimore Magazine, and Inside Lacrosse Magazine; and has served as a Lululemon Ambassador. When Camille isn’t teaching yoga, she can be found whipping up green smoothies and other healthy eats, finding new tunes for her yoga playlists, and writing on her blog
Chris Jamison
Chris Jamison has studied human movement for over 30 years. First as a modern dancer, primarily the Martha Graham technique, and then from a clinical and scientific view. He has been a Physical Therapist for over twenty years and has an advanced degree in kinesiology. These experiences give him a keen eye for alignment and a skilled touch in assisting the student deepen their practice. Chris recently rediscovered yoga practicing in the Bikram style and then at Charm City Yoga. In 2007, Chris completed his 200 hour teacher certification through Charm City Yoga with Kim Manfredi
Debbie Saag
Debbie has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for over 15 years. She is a certified yoga instructor from Yoga East, Louisville, KY. She completed her 500 Hour Advance Teacher training program at Charm City Yoga with Kim Manfredi. Through the leadership of her teachers, Debbie has developed a love and passion for teaching and practicing yoga. She continues to study with David Garrigues, Rohini Ralby, Kim Manfredi & Heather Hax. She has also had the opportunity to study with Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in California and NY, and with his grandson, Sharath. She has also studied with Ramanad Patel, Francois Raoult, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Doug Keller, Barbara Benagh, Laura Spaulding and David Swenson. When Debbie is not teaching or practicing, she is a freelance graphic designer and enjoys time with her family.

Heather Hax

Heather Hax began her yoga "career" at Charm City Yoga in 2001. She offers some of the most popular vinyasa classes in the city and co-teaches Baltimore's first 6 day/ week Mysore program. In 2004, she completed her 200 hour teacher training at It's Yoga! San Francisco under the guidance of Larry Schulz and David Kyle. She studied mysore-style ashtanga yoga in San Francisco with Devorah Sacks and Catherine Shaddix. More recently, Heather studied in Toronto with the gifted teachers at Downward Dog studios. In the summer of 2014, Heather took Richard Freeman's month-long teacher intensive.

Heather is currently studying with David Garrigues every chance she gets, and recently completed Peg Mulqueen and Jen René's 9-month Ashtanga Dispatch intensive.. She is indebted to her teachers, colleagues and friends at Charm City Yoga who provide a wonderful community in which she can continue to deepen and share the practice.

Jeannie Eshleman
Jeannie began practicing vinyasa yoga in 2004 and quickly fell in love with the vibrant flow of movement and its connection to the breath. She received her yoga training through the instruction of Kim Manfredi of Charm City Yoga in 2007 and has been teaching ever since. She feels passionate about sharing how yoga promotes flexibility, strength, harmony and relaxation while integrating a healthy body, peaceful mind, and liberated spirit. She uses her experience as both a yoga instructor and a physical therapy assistant to create a fun energetic yoga practice that emphasizes postural awareness, core strengthening and breathwork.
Lorien Nemec
Lorien has been practicing yoga since 1999. Her aim as a teacher is to make yoga accessible to every body so that all students can enjoy the benefits of uniting body, mind, and breath in this moment. She emphasizes the importance of rhythmic breathing, one pointed focus, and a sense of surrender as students grow in awareness of their own mental patterns and physical sensations. As awareness deepens, students can access the infinite source of peace and joy that is already within them. Lorien sees yoga not only as a vehicle for attaining optimal mental and physical health, but also as a way to empower individuals to grow into the fullest expression of their own personal creativity, so that they in turn may inspire others.
Stephannie Weikert
Stephannie shares a nurturing style of yoga that emphasizes personal empowerment and deep relaxation. By encouraging mindfulness during practice, she strives to create a safe environment where students deepen their self-awareness and find balance on many levels. Trained in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Thai yoga massage, Stephannie teaches group classes and works one-on-one to apply the insights of yoga to improve the quality of life.
Steve Satta
Steve Satta loves the integration of breath, body and intention which yoga promotes and believes fully that, whatever your level of physical "ability", this integration will lead to greater mind, body and spiritual health. He also loves to incorporate the voice into the practice, so in his class you should be prepared to "om", sigh audibly and, especially, laugh. He received his 200 hour certification with Kim Manfredi in 2007 and has been practicing yoga formally since 2000. He is also an actor, director and dialect coach and teaches in the Theatre Department at Towson U. He lives in Hamilton with his partner Patrik and their furry family - Maggie, Josh, Caleb, and Jake the Goldendoodle.
Theresa Lummino
Theresa Lummino is certified in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda & Thai Yoga Bodywork. Prior to becoming a certified instructor, she practiced yoga for over 10 years. Her goal as an instructor is to encourage her students to practice yoga to develop a deeper awareness of their body and mind and to then use this awareness to live a life filled with consciousness, health, and vitality. It is her hope that every class provides students with an opportunity to enjoy moving their bodies, build physical strength and flexibility, relieve stress, and bring balance to all aspects of their being.
Will Walter
Will teaches an eclectic, spiritual, energizing form of yoga that builds strength, balance, flexibility and joy. Will began practicing yoga in 1988 in the Iyengar tradition under the tutelage of his much respected teacher, Louis Delmar, at the Tucson Center for Yoga, and in 1997 received his certification in yoga therapy. Will has been teaching at Charm City since it’s opening in 2001.
Kim Manfredi
Kim loves teaching yoga! She promises to help you heal your body, calm your mind and discover who you really are. She took her first yoga class in 1988 and has been helping students to practice yoga since 1996.

Kim and her husband, Chris Blades, opened Charm City Yoga in 2000 and the studio now has 7 locations and offers 100’s of classes per week. Countless students have been transformed by the Charm City Yoga method of teaching, which maintains that an individualized yoga practice will help you thrive.

Kim’s teacher training, the first in Baltimore, continues to cultivate instructors who innovate and inspire. Kim co-leads Baltimore’s first 6 day/week Mysore program, where you can get individual attention while guiding your own practice.

Kim travels to India each year to study Astanga yoga at KPJAYI. She is grateful to Richard Freeman for his care and continued tutelage. Kim is committed to yoga as a path to enlightenment

Tanya Krasauskas
Tanya took her first yoga class ten years ago and left feeling both energized and relaxed. Since then, she has developed a passion for practicing and teaching yoga. She is certified through Charm City Yoga’s (CCY) 200 hour training program with Kim Manfredi and has a master’s degree in psychology. Tanya views her own practice as the best gift she can give herself, enhancing mind, body, and soul. She especially loves the effect yoga has on mood, on creating a positive mental attitude that enables her to deal more successfully with life's daily stresses.Tanya believes that practicing yoga can provide these same benefits for everyone. Her intention is to create a welcoming environment for each student to nurture their evolving practice. Let her guide you through sun salutations, breath work, asana, and meditation on Monday mornings at CCY Towson Hot Yoga Express at 9:45 AM, and Sunday afternoons at CCY Towson Beginner Hot at 12:00 noon.
Edie Raphael

After years of ballet and chasing fitness fads, Edie has tremendous gratitude to the mysterious inner voice that first put her on the yoga mat in 1996. Today, she teaches yoga as a physically and emotionally transformative experience—focusing on non-judgement, peace, strength, love, and surrender (to name a few qualities). Her practice and teaching has been most influenced by the Baron Baptiste style of power yoga, but is informed by the Anusara tradition, as well.  Edie completed her 500hr teacher training at Charm City Yoga with Kim Manfredi.
Jessica Crowley Ambrose
Jessica Crowley Ambrose is a highly skilled and celebrated Yoga teacher known for her devotional style of teaching that incorporates both physical and spiritual aspects of the practice of Yoga. She is a “Natural Yoga Bohemian” of the Baltimore culture. Her Vinyasa practice encourages free movement and is a form of Bhakti Yoga- Yoga from the heart, designed to harmonize and restore our vital energy with love. On physical, energetic, and mystical levels, she invokes Yoga to empower, deepen, and heal the cores of students in her class.

Jess has a background of classical ballet, she is an alumni of the prestigious Baltimore School for the Arts, Jessica left Baltimore for Los Angeles, CA, in 1995. During this period she studied extensive anatomy and the connection of movement with breath and sound through both Yoga and Dance at UCLA. Her passionate commitment to her Yoga practice moved her back to Baltimore in 1997. She continued to follow her career to a degree in Dance Performance and Education.

She enriched her appreciation of the science and intelligence of the body and Yoga by completing over 800 hrs of Teacher Trainings between 2006 and 2008. Jess is a certified 200 E-RYT and 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance and has studied with numerous international teachers whom she is devotedly grateful to. Jessica currently teaches 10 classes a week at Charm City Yoga locations, Midtown, Federal Hill, and Severna Park. She is also a feature teacher in Charm City Yoga’s Teacher Training programs.
Gabrielle Sulc

I am blessed to have over 1000 hours of teacher training certifications and am happy to be at Charm City Yoga to share my experience through teaching. 

Over several years of practice, Gabrielle has been influenced by many styles of yoga. She has had the pleasure of gaining her knowledge from many teachers, some well renowned and others not (but remarkable nonetheless.) Gabrielle earned her 200 hr. teaching certificate under the guidance of Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga; a Pranayama teaching certificate through Cindi Lee at Om Yoga; her 500 hr. and 800 hr. certifications with Sri Dharma Mittra. She is also a certified Yoga of Recovery teacher by Swami Sitaramananda. Gabrielle’s intention is presence through awareness, which is reflected in her interest and practice of many yoga traditions, and is revealed in her teaching as she blends her emphasis on posture alignment with the freedom of discovering the poses in your own body.

Gabrielle is the author of My Life List: Yoga Journal, a reference book and guided journal that leads yoga practitioners from the foundation of yoga to developing their own personal practice and provides a method to record their path along the way.
In 2015 Gabrielle was initiated by her beloved teacher and guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, as Yogini Kali Om.
Shino Brown
Shino began teaching Yoga in 2005 and is certified through Kim Manfredi's Charm City Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training program. Her teaching style is designed to improve the health, performance and mental acuity of individuals interested in improving their level of fitness. She delivers a practical style which is accessible and understandable by individuals at any level of their Yoga journey. She believes that yoga is a passion, uniting breath and postures to achieve balance and well-being. Shino loves the calming effect that Yoga takes on her mind and body, whether practicing or teaching. Maintaining her personal practice is important; her favorite style is Ashtanga, which she practices weekly. The challenge of Ashtanga provides both the emotional respite and physical benefits that give her the desire to move deeper into the practice. As a society and as individuals, we are becoming busier and feel an urgent need to slow down before life passes us by. Yoga does that. It restores and slows us down. You can take Shino’s class at Towson on Mondays at 6:15pm.
Mira Tessman
“Mira” Mary E.Tessman has been practicing yoga off and on for over twenty years and started teaching yoga in 2007. Mira took her 200-Hr training at CCY and currently teaches seven classes a week and offers private yoga instruction in the Baltimore area. Mira views her yoga practice as the most consistent and potent source of spiritual, mental, and physical strength and support in her life. Besides teaching yoga, Mira is a holistic psychotherapist and uses a mindfulness-based and body-oriented approach in her private practice. She suggests to her clients: “Try yoga before Prozac; it really helps stabilize mood.” Mira has been facilitating expressive arts, healing, meditation, and spiritual growth workshops, retreats and groups since 1994. She supervises Master’s level psychology students and has also been an adjunct professor at CCBC in the psychology department. Mira was co-founder and co-director of the Heart’s Journey Wellness Center in Towson for many years. Mira loves to plan yoga routines, travel, dance, hike, kayak, bicycle, and hang out with her husband, children, and good friends.
Margo Coruzzi
Margo has been practicing yoga since 2000 and credits yoga for providing tools to become more grounded and centered both on and off the mat. Our yoga practice teaches connection between our body, mind, and spirit which allows the outside world to float away as we turn our thoughts and actions inward. This practice translates into our everyday lives where we can focus not on life's challenges or outside influences, but instead focusing on our own body, breath, and intention. Margo teaches a powerful and grounding style which encourages presence and intention throughout our practice leaving room for experienced practitioners to challenge themselves, while allowing newcomers to move into the practice at their own pace. Margo received her 200 hour certification from Kim Manfredi at Charm City Yoga and is currently in the 500 hour teacher training at Charm City Yoga.
Sarah Cook
Sarah’s believes in teaching a practice rooted in the clarity of strong alignment which inherently gives rise to more freedom and healing in the body and in the spirit. The first time she stepped foot on the mat was simply in an effort to stay out of trouble and lose a few pounds. Since that day in 2006, she has kept her love affair with yoga passionately alive with a healthy balance between self discipline and self exploration. She loves to teach a challenging flow. Expect the unexpected, perhaps some humor and often some irreverence.

Sarah is a 500 hour Jivan Yoga certified teacher and has completed an advanced training with Ana Forrest but she remains an eternal student.

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