Kim Manfredi

Kim loves teaching yoga! She promises to help you heal your body, calm your mind and discover who you really are. She took her first yoga class in 1988 and has been helping students to practice yoga since 1996.

Kim and her husband, Chris Blades, opened Charm City Yoga in 2000 and the studio now has 7 locations and offers 100’s of classes per week. Countless students have been transformed by the Charm City Yoga method of teaching, which maintains that an individualized yoga practice will help you thrive.

Kim’s teacher training, the first in Baltimore, continues to cultivate instructors who innovate and inspire. Kim co-leads Baltimore’s first 6 day/week Mysore program, where you can get individual attention while guiding your own practice.

Kim travels to India each year to study Astanga yoga at KPJAYI. She is grateful to Richard Freeman for his care and continued tutelage. Kim is committed to yoga as a path to enlightenment

Kim Manfredi is currently not instructing any classes.